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Bob Woodman has been an active participant in vintage and club racing since 1989. In the spring of 1993, Bob attended the Endurance Challenge event in Sebring and brought with him his first order of Hoosier tires. Working with a manual tire stand, Bob serviced all of those tires and began what would become Bob Woodman Tires.  The company quickly grew to service multiple series, continually adding equipment and crew. Several years later, Yokohama and Toyo brands were added to round out the roster. Bob Woodman has remained active in vintage racing, and Bob Woodman Tires now services SVRA, HSR, VDCA, PCA Club Racing, and David Murray Track Days.

For the past twenty years, Bob Woodman Tires has serviced a wide range of sports cars using the highest quality tires and equipment. Our technicians share countless years of experience in the racing industry. We tailor our service specifically to high performance sports cars and race cars. We look forward to providing you with our superior products and service.

Our good friend and author of The Last Open Road series, Burt Levy, shared this story…

Expertise comes from Experience…
Long before he was one of North America’s most successful and respected performance tire distributors, Bob Woodman was building, driving, maintaining and engineering winning racecars. He learned his craft from the bottom up and with his own, often-blistered hands. Bob’s been at the racetrack as a mechanic, driver, crew chief and, for the past two decades, as your go-to supplier for the world’s finest lines of performance tires. More importantly, he’s built his company – and reputation – by being straightforward, honest, friendly and approachable. Whether it’s tire selection, compounds, pressures, chassis setup, gearing, or how to analyze a corner sequence, Bob’s ready to put his hard-won knowledge and hands-on experience to work for you.

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