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Yokohama Tire Setup


Starting Pressure (cold) >       23*

Pressure goal (hot) >               30


Temperatures (hot) using a probe

Optimal>         185-210 degrees

Greasy>           230 + degrees

Blister>           260 and above possible


Starting camber set-up**

-2.5   -3.0         Front

-2.0   -2.5         Rear

The camber setups are only a starting point.  Keep an eye on wear patterns to make the correct adjustments to the car.  You should be looking for about a 20 degree spread.

* The starting pressures are only a starting point for that track, the driver, and the car.  This will vary depending on many factors.  The key here is to go out for a few laps to scrub in the tires, then to come in and get your hot reading.  Do not exceed 31 pounds hot!  If you are not getting at least 29 pounds hot you should add air accordingly.

** This is a rough starting point.  Camber settings can very depending on your springs, overall suspension setup, and the track.  If you are a first time user on Yokohama’s and your initial settings are close to -3.5 in the front and close to -3.0 in the rear, go ahead and leave it.  The key to quickly dialing in your car is a pyrometer.  Tire wear patterns are important, but often you loose tire life when only watching the tire surface.


Due to circumstances relating to weather, track conditions, racecar setup, the driver, etc., all Yokohama Tires sold by Bob Woodman Tires, have no warranty expressed or implied as to the merchantability, or fitness for any particular purpose or otherwise.  Yokohama Tire shall not be liable for any special or consequential damages arising out of the use thereof.  Race tires have not been tested or labeled under US DOT standards, and therefore it is illegal to sell race tires for use on public highways.

Yokohama tires should not be stored in high temperatures, direct sunlight, or in garages/warehouses where temperatures can reach or exceed 100 degrees.  In addition, tires should not be exposed to temperatures below 35 degrees.  A controlled atmosphere and temperature without sunlight is ideal.


Break in procedures for racing slicks

Drive the track for five or more minutes at a steady, moderate pace to gradually bring all the tires up to the preferred temperature range.  This step is MOST IMPORTANT to ensure proper break in and uniform tire temperature warm up.  DO NOT try to speed up the process by pushing the car too hard.  Depending on the ambient temperature the driving time may need to be increased for the break in procedure.

Now take two or three laps at what you consider a racing pace.  Pit immediately and verify pressures and tire temperatures.  Adjust if necessary.  For maximum competitiveness, allow tires to cool to ambient temperature, preferably overnight and off the car.

The 280/650R18 can ONLY be run as a FRONT tire.  280/650R18 was specifically constructed to be used as a FRONT tire ONLY.  It cannot withstand the load, weight, horsepower, and centrifugal force a rear engine car produces.

The sizes are as follows:

                                                 Section         Overall          Approx.                Wheel

                                                  Width           Diam.        wheel width             sizes 

230/650R18 – Front                9.72                25.59               8.0-9.0                         9

250/650R18 – Front                10.75              25.59               9.5-10.5                       10

280/680R18 – Rear                 11.77               26.85               10.5-11.5                      11


280/650R18 – Front               11.02              25.59               10.5-11.5                      11

330/690R18 – Rear                 13.78              27.17                12.5-13.5                     13


250/650R18 – Front                10.75               25.59               9.5-10.5                      10

320/650R18 – Rear                 13.43               25.75               12.0-13.0                    12.5


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